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DPM: Sabah still a BN stronghold
Chong: Loading children with workbooks doesn’t equate to good education
Millennials planning from now for their sunset years
Youth who raped his three sisters remanded
Deaths of cop and girlfriend reclassified
Hunter kills cousin by mistake
Gerakan ready to reveal letter of 'real' party behind plan to increase water rates
Najib announces six incentives for Felda settlers
21-year-old man seriously injured after losing control of car
Najib: Each Felda settler to get RM5,000 cash incentive
Adaptability adds a boost to company’s bottomline
Fleet of foot Selling shoes to men takes skill
Jinjang Utara residents plead for police patrols to stop spate of thefts
Resolve to set easier goals
Helping hand for flood victims
Young squash talent awarded
Sikh organisations help distribute over 10,000kg of aid
Johor to provide affordable housing for low and middle income groups
Grand Lexis hotel makes use of its own bus to send essential items to flood victims
Five college-going youths operate thriving T-shirt printing business
Fewer ‘good air’ days in China despite official efforts
Selling $600 frogs -- to save them from poachers
Philippine police arrest rare sea turtle poachers
Japan e-commerce giant Rakuten bans ivory products
Arborists urge local councils in Klang Valley to record and protect old trees
Disabled-friendly facilities get the thumbs up
Clogged drains becoming a health hazard
Riding to raise RM30,000 for charity
Rewards for villagers’ efforts
Prime Minister to complete ‘Kajang Move’ by hosting mega feast
Reaching out through the deafening silence
In touch with language learning
Preparing athletes for life after sports
When friendships don’t fit anymore
Company renews support for STEM initiatives
Learning hub for teachers
Taylor’s stars shine
Empowering youth through pact
Students’ conditional exemptions for CIMA
Science, a must for country to reach greater heights

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