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Hong Kong FriendFinder Personals

Are you looking for Hong Kong Friends? If so, then this is the place for you. Find your perfect Hong Kong Soul Mate here. We have many Hong Kong guys and girls here just waiting to be your friend or even life partner. Guaranteed Match Making heaven! What are you waiting for? Join in the fun today!

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Nickname Sex Age Birthday Purpose State Tag Line Hits
skybird5  Female 42 17-Dec Marriage Others Look for the one over the world 1180
haywood  Male 55 7-May Long term relationship Others serious 1042
cheersimon  Male 43 27-Oct Friendship Others Nice and Friendly 1320
luizpng  Male 40 13-Sep Friendship Others Human 1162
Utopia  Male 55 24-Sep Long term relationship Others Be there or Be Sqaure 1312
HIM2004  Male 40 23-Jun Long term relationship Others come on 1339
coffee  Male 49 15-Nov Long term relationship Others ask me... 1530
Lazynat  Male 45 20-May Friendship Others . 1268

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